On the 18th of November live start-up pitches took place, offering an insight in five Nordic start-ups dealing with precision irrigation, magnetic bearings, food surpluses, water scarcity and solar energy.

Irriot has developed a complete system to automate precision irrigation wirelessly. As such, Irriot aims at reaching optimal soil conditions, by intelligently dimensioning the water suppy to intended zones.

SpinDrive provides design and serial production of active magnetic bearings. Their systems lower the customer’s lifecycle costs by 35%. For a 500-kW unit, our solution saves 200 tons of CO2 emissions annually and enables 2-year payback time. The active magnetic bearing is levitating the rotational part of the machine eliminating friction.

Nature Preserve has developed a mobile food processor that fits into a standard High-Cube 40’ (12.03m) shipping container. Their solution processes fruit and vegetable surplus with little to no remaining monetary value into nutritious, tasty purees.

Ocean Oasis are developing a new sustainable way to produce fresh water, utilizing the power of the ocean. Their wave powered desalination buoy may be completed at a yard, towed to location, moored in the same fashion as a ship and deliver water to shore without a lengthy installation process.

Switchr is a fintech company where anyone can invest in large scale solar power plants through our interactive investment platform. While doing this, users get a fixed income and can follow the energy production in real-time on their smartphone. Anyone can now make a tangible and immediate climate impact even with limited funds.

Watch the show here!