The third episode of live start-up pitches took place on July 15 – this time offering an insight into start-ups dealing with water innovations, transportation efficiency, as well as consumer carbon footprint reduction.

Creol offers solutions for people, places and products to empower them with the knowledge they need to take positive steps to lowering their impact and supporting green projects around the globe to balance out their remaining impact. The products of Creol include tools and calculators for customers to understand their carbon footprint combined with real time carbon offset solutions.

Helios Aircargo Network connects the flights of smaller airlines to form a massive network, as their freight capacity becomes available to forwarders worldwide with their B2B logistics marketplace platform. Helios has already secured partnerships that form the core of the network for smooth and environmentally friendly airfreight.

Sooqua – Smart Water Networks has developed a software to localize leakage and predict pipe burst. By analyzing existing sensor data with a digital twin and a combination of specifically for pipe networks developed algorithms, the software can localize leakage in a very early stage, show the pipes’ network status in real-time and predict when and where a pipe is going to burst.

Tracks are on a mission to increase efficiency and save resources in the road freight industry, as it is the backbone of our economy with continuously growing volumes of goods transported by trucks. Tracks’ fuel and emissions management tool allows truck fleets of any size to centrally measure and increase the fuel efficiency of their fleet.

WECO aims to reduce wastewater production with their wastewater treatment technologies to recycle used waters from toilet units into clean and clear water flush. Their green technology converts urine into treated water by biological and electrolysis treatments. Public toilets developed by WECO are now sold to the first clients.

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