​AgroSustain, a Switzerland based agritech start-up, has developed a solution for extending the shelf life of fruits and vegetables for several weeks by preventing mold with their product AgroShelf+. A major milestone for the product’s development was achieved in January 2020, when the Silicon Valley agtech fund Agroecology Capital made their first investment in Europe, providing funding to AgroSustain. 

Agroecology Capital looks for investment opportunities that foster a sustainable, safe, and equitable future for agriculture, mostly investing in a few companies and guiding them through the development phases with not only financial, but also strategic support. 

Nicolas Denjoy, managing partner of Agroecology Capital, says “We are happy to back AgroSustain, a company that develops game-changing solutions to reduce food waste, and that will impact the whole supply chain from growers to consumers. Backing a European team led by a female founder is also embedded in Agroecology Capital’s strategy”. 

The problem addressed by AgroSustain is food waste in the phase after crop harvest and before sale. With their anti-mold solution, a variety of foods can be protected from mold fungi in a safe and sustainable way. “Plant-inspired products, reduction of food waste and mitigation of CO2 emissions are three key benefits to drive a sustainable industry and promote healthy food”, comments Dr. Olga Dubey, founder and CEO of AgroSustain. 

AgroSustain was founded in the University of Lausanne, and joined the Climate – KIC accelerator of Switzerland in 2018. It was also a finalist in the 2018 EIT Food Accelerator Network, tackling the challenge of food waste with their product AgroShelf+.   

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AgroSustain reduces food waste by producing post-harvest, plant-based, and organic treatments that extend fruits and vegetables’s shelf-life by several weeks. The startup is presently raising CHF 3 million to pursue its growth and bring its solution to the United States and Russia. The Swiss market will follow in the future.

Agroecology Capital

Agroecology Capital is an AgTech VC investment firm based in Palo Alto, California. Along with achieving substantial financial returns, Agroecology Capital’s purpose is to have a large scale and lasting impact on the global agri-food system.