After a successful launch of the live start-up pitching show #DealStream, the second episode showcased the brightest greentech in Europe once again. The show streamed live on Wednesday, 17th of June, at 3 pm CET, watch what these founders have to say!

In this show, you will hear from 5 start-ups from all over Europe:

Bloom Biorenewables answers to the market need for bio-based products as well as bringing a solution to valorise side-streams from the agricultural industry, such as shells and pits from fruits. Bloom’s innovation is a chemical process able to convert up to 80% of biomass to a few chemicals. With its patented technology, Bloom can position itself in the high-quality cellulose fibers market.

Peregrine Technologies developed an AI-powered solution for traffic monitoring that combines the best of today’s telematics with contextual information from video. Their goal is to create situational awareness – a precise understanding of the environment and traffic behavior. This technology has the potential of reducing the likelihood of a collision by 49% and improving driving behavior of 4 out of 5 drivers.

Bound4blue has designed and patented an innovative rigid wingsail system which is integrated onto vessels, generating effective thrust from wind power, and thereby reducing the engine power required. These wingsails are fully automated (no extra crew is required) and completely orientable to adapt to any wind condition, offering fuel savings up to 30%.

Zeleros offers a scalable hyperloop system that minimizes infrastructure costs by integrating the main technologies in an autonomous high-speed vehicle that is ultra energy-efficient. Hyperloop is fully electric and has the potential to decarbonize long-distance passenger and freight transport.

Meshcrafts has developed a platform called SmartCharge that allows EV charging stations to go online, delivering real-time information to drivers and operators while enabling an intelligent control of the stations for optimising and balancing the load on the station as well as the grid. The product is currently live in Norway, Sweden, and Germany.

Explore their Investor Marketplace profiles, prepare some questions, and watch the show now in the frame above or via this link here!