A wealth of resources, at founders’ fingertips.

Thanks to our new partnership with The Green Techpreneur, startups can now benefit from a much-enhanced offering.

The Green Techpreneur is a networking platform, podcast and magazine designed from the ground up to equip startups with a suite of tools. As founders embark on their fundraising journey, The Green Techpreneur team provides sharp and market-proven insights into selling climatetech products or services, as well as creating a platform for exposure and networking.

Marianne Lehnis – Founder of the Green Techpreneur, James Burford – Director of the Climate Marketplace

“The GT exists to make a big impact for climate tech entrepreneurs and accelerate their journey to launch and scale,” says Marianne Lehnis, Founder of The GT. We are truly excited to be joining forces with our sister company Climate Marketplace in a partnership we know will help climate tech startups all over the world with their fund-raising efforts.”

Marianne Lehnis – Founder, The Green Techpreneur

During signup, startups can now opt into a ‘Joint Offer’, enabling them to leverage both the Climate Marketplace and the Green Techpreneur’s networks, moving you closer to the funding you’re after.

If you’re interested in learning more about the combined forces of the Climate Marketplace and the Green Techpreneur, reach out to us.